About us

Hartmark established executive recruitment as a separate field of expertise in 1967, and were thus the first to offer this service in Norway. Since then we have fronted the field and developed methods and models that are still considered trade standards. We are proud bearers of this heritage and are constantly striving to achieve further development.
Our core competence is identifying, selecting and assessing senior executives, board members, middle managers and key personnel. Our clients are to be found in most lines of business, in both private and public sector.

We are part of the Varde Group, which also consists of  Varde Hartmark, Lean Communications, Maverick and Kompetansetorget. Together we form Norway’s leading alternative to the international management consulting companies.

Our partnership and collaboration with our sister companies enables us to approach challenges from a comprehensive perspective and to consider solutions and tools in addition to those traditionally connected with recruitment processes. As our client, you have access to the Group’s collected competence, regardless of whether your objective is to find the top leader who can realise an untapped potential, to complement or assess a leadership group or to identify and attract business critical specialist competence. Our services are adapted to your needs, always with clearly defined objectives and loyalty to established methodology.

We are part of the global alliance EXS, a collaboration which also secures you access to leading recruitment expertise internationally. Please contact us to find out more about how we can assist you.