As collaboration partner

We invest in and develop long-term relationships. We take the time to acquire an understanding of our clients’ business objectives, strategy, values, organisation and culture, as well as their external framework conditions. This is to prepare us to be able to assist at any time in the best possible manner. A long-term relationship does not mean that we do not challenge established truths. The solution is not always a new leader or employee. If the solution to the “problem” is different from what we are able to offer, we seek competence in other parts of the Varde Group or externally.

We strive to achieve an open and trusting dialogue with clients as well as with candidates. A prerequisite of a successful employment process is that both parties have access to all relevant information. You can be sure, both as client and candidate, that with us all accessible information is treated confidentially and privately. All parties are informed about which information is passed on to the other party. The aim is to uncover conflicts of interest at an early stage.

We do not accept assignments for enterprises, leaders or corporate leaderships that we do not believe we are able to represent in a good manner. There may be ethical considerations underlying this decision, or other conditions connected with a specific company indicating that collaboration should not be entered into. Likewise, we only accept assignments we feel we can solve in a justifiable and professionally good manner.

We are fully aware of our privilege in gaining insight into our clients’ organisation, and keep to clearly defined roles. We will therefore not contact candidates from a client’s organisation for a period of at least 2 years after the termination of the most recent assignment.