Executive Search

Our core activities are identifying, selecting and assessing senior executives and senior-level executive groups. Our experience and profound understanding of roles and complementary groups as well as knowledge of and experience from many business sectors, make us real sparring partners for our clients.

A purposeful and discreet search for a certain competence, an open, advertised process, or a combination. The method and the scope of the process are tailored to the objective. Whatever the method selected, we study all the necessary business conditions, as well as objectives, culture and values. We analyse the present situation and assemble a competence profile that we together believe will contribute to the future development desired.

An active search comprises a systematic charting and processing of environments until one has identified and attracted the market’s most talented leaders. By approaching them directly we mobilise good candidates who would not necessarily have applied for the position. An active market search is also a preferred method when discretion is necessary.

The advertised process follows the same steps as the active market search, but no candidates are actively approached. The candidate base consists of the actual applicants. We undertake all the practical work from the advertisement itself, to managing applications and candidates.